Melania Trump Acting As Comforting Force for Embattled Husband During ‘Hellish’ Time: Report..

Melania Trump Acting As Comforting Force for Embattled Husband During ‘Hellish’ Time: Report..

Without a doubt, former President Donald Trump is being put through the wringer by state and federal prosecutors who seem bent on sending him to prison for the rest of his life in what his supporters see as purely political persecution.

And though he’s managed to weather many storms since becoming president in 2016, the “hellish” times he is going through now have been difficult even for him, according to sources close to the former first couple.
But, according to sources who spoke to Page Six, Donald Trump is being comforted by his wife, who has been described as a “secret weapon” to help him get through his ordeals.

“Melania is being credited by his friends with keeping President Trump ‘calm and focused’ amid the hellish week of his being indicted for the third time,” a source close to the former first couple told the outlet.
“Friends whisper these last few weeks have been hard on Trump, and although he always presents a tough front, these constant legal assaults are affecting his day-to-day life,” the source added.

“Melania’s even better than his regular golf games at keeping his temper in check,” the person said. “She provides a peaceful life for him when he needs it.”

The source went on to say that the former president eats breakfast daily with Melania and their son Barron and that she “turns the news off at times so they can watch something else together, and she frowns over telephone or social media use at the table.”
What’s more, she is said to be all-in on his third bid for the presidency.

“She backs his bid for a second term completely and listens to him when he needs someone he can trust,” the source reportedly said. “[Melania] is obsessively private, she never gossips with even her closest friends, so Trump knows when they talk about important things, it’s just between them.”

Trump is facing three indictments — one in Manhattan filed by District Attorney Alvin Bragg and two federal indictments filed by special counsel Jack Smith. He is likely going to face a fourth one soon from Fulton County, Ga., from District Attorney Fani Willis.

But Melania hasn’t escaped the legal drama completely.

Late last month, Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan blocked two subpoenas issued by Bragg seeking access to email sent by the former first lady as well as other documents in the case.

“Prosecutors for Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s office had sought to obtain those emails and documents as part of a felony case against Trump for alleged falsification of business records,” CBS News reported, but Merchan ruled that the subpoenas were overly broad.
The denied subpoenas sought almost a year’s worth of emails exchanged between Trump Organization employees and White House officials, over two years of Trump’s travel schedules, as well as emails shared between former Trump executive assistant Rhona Graff and Melania Trump and between Graff and former director of Oval Office operations Keith Schiller.

“This request would yield significantly more responsive records than necessary,” Merchan wrote in his ruling, according to the news outlet.
In the ruling, Merchan hinted that he would not block another subpoena seeking the lengthy videotaped deposition of Trump, which he provided to attorneys representing writer E. Jean Carroll before a federal civil trial where he was found liable for sexually abusing her, CBS News noted.

While portions of the deposition were presented during the trial, Merchan did not directly order the entire tape to be handed over to prosecutors.

Instead, he directed the prosecutors to approach the federal judge in the case and seek clarification on whether the remaining parts of the video were still protected by a confidentiality order that was established before the trial, the outlet noted further, the report said.

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