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Word count: There is no minimum word count, although the ideal post runs between 300 and 1000 words.
Links to other content: Please search Lifestory25 for information and links to certain topics before you link to other sources.
Tone: We welcome posts both in the third-person and written in a more personal and direct voice.
Approval: We approve only original content created by you; no reposts; no copy pastes.
Lists: Posts offering numbered lists are typically popular, such as “How to detoxify yourself” and “5 Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life”

Original content: We welcome original articles and posts that are not already distributed to other websites, but are unique to personal blogs or are original to
Marketing driven content: We are not interested in articles that promote a specific product or service, or are designed with the purpose of link building to boost SEO efforts.
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