Lady learns her husband switches from SUV to old cheap car daily and leaves town

Lady learns her husband switches from SUV to old cheap car daily and leaves town

A woman, Catherine, was at the supermarket’s parking lot during a peacefully evening and decided to give her husband a call and grab some coffee with him. Knowing he often stopped by the supermarket on his way home, she hoped he would be able to do the same thing this time.

However, when she tried to call him, the call went straight to voice mail and she soon received a text message from him telling her he was still at work.

She then parked her car, grabbed the shopping bag from the backseat, and exited the vehicle. But as she navigated through the parked cars, an SUV caught her attention. Was that her husband’s? According to the rear bump it was. But where was he, she wondered. At that moment, the thought of him staying late at work during the past period, the secret phone calls, and his rather odd behavior started flooding her mind.

Catherine decided to return to her car and wait for her husband to appear so that she could confront him. Shortly after, an old cheap car parked next to her husband’s SUV. To her surprise, in the old car was her husband Dylan. He was dressed in old ragged clothes. She was in complete shock and couldn’t understand what was going on.

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