Man fears that injured leopard lays on the road so he pulls over – but he wasn’t expecting this 😱 Check comments👇

Man fears that injured leopard lays on the road so he pulls over – but he wasn’t expecting this 😱 Check comments👇

Man fears that injured leopard lays on the road so he pulls over
This man saw what he believed to be a large injured wild cat lying in the middle of the road while he was driving his automobile. He pulled over and went to investigate despite his intense fear.
A leopard was sleeping on the road near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire when it was spotted by Ben Lilly, a 40-year-old man. He stopped his car and gingerly walked up to the animal, afraid it may attack him. But when he drew closer, he saw that it was merely a coat that had been abandoned, possibly by some partygoers.

Even though he was relieved, Lilly was embarrassed by the oversight, so he chose to post his experience on Facebook. He had no idea, though, that it would go viral!

“Careful! Roadside leopard corpse on the way to Halifax! Ben Lilly, a father of two, posted on Facebook, “Oh no, it’s some tart’s coat from last night, can’t believe I turned back for this.”

My heart was racing with a kind of excitement,” Lilly later recalled. As I rounded the corner while driving, I noticed something off in the distance and slowed down to give it room in case it was an injured animal.I carefully exited since I didn’t want anything to rip off my face, but as soon as I turned around and saw it from a different perspective, I started laughing.
Ben snapped some pictures of it and posted it online not long after he regained consciousness and discovered it was only a onesie and not a hurt leopard.
“I started laughing then to save my own embarrassment,” he remarked. I approached a onesie. That explains why it has a tail. I initially believed it to be a woman’s fur coat.

Someone had put it onto the pavement when I returned later. A few commenters had mentioned that they had also seen it,” he stated. Although it was clear that other drivers had the same thought, I was just foolish enough to stop.

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