What supermarkets don’t tell you about bananas

What supermarkets don’t tell you about bananas

If you put your bananas out of sight, it’s simple to come back and discover they’ve gone bad because ripe fruit degrades quickly.

Even if they are displayed prominently in your pantry, they frequently turn earlier than you had anticipated, which is terrible news if you don’t like mushy bananas.

Fortunately, there might be a trick that helps your money and bananas go further.

‘Food storage recommendations that your greengrocer would never tell you,’ the article’s subtitle read. “Rinse [your bananas] with water to remove the ripening agent on the surface, then dry them with a paper towel,” the narrator said.

To lessen the quantity of ethylene they emit, “wrap the stem of the bananas with a wet paper towel. They can last a long time like way and stay fresh.

However, if you’ve mastered banana storage, you might not want to choose the nutritious treat just before bed.

According to the specialists at sleepjunkie.com, the well-known fruit can be to blame for a restless night. “Bananas are a superfood that can be enjoyed pretty much any time of the day,” the experts said. However, consuming them too soon before bed might cause insomnia and trigger intense dreams or nightmares.

They added: “Many people can benefit from its calming effects late at night because of their high quantities of magnesium, which relax the muscles and quiet the body. However, melatonin is also produced in large quantities by bananas, and too much of it can have the reverse effect of what it is meant to do.

It’s advised to try to eat the fruit an hour or two before you want to go to bed if you don’t want to skip your snack.

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