Whoopi Goldberg Defends ‘Woke’ ‘Barbie’ Movie On The View, Gets Kicked Off Immediately.

Whoopi Goldberg Defends ‘Woke’ ‘Barbie’ Movie On The View, Gets Kicked Off Immediately.

Imagine this: you’re sitting comfortably in your living room, tuning in to your favorite daytime talk show, ‘The View’, and sipping a hot cup of coffee. You’re anticipating the usual lively debates, hilarious banter, and, of course, the dash of drama that always spices things up.The last thing you’re expecting is to watch Whoopi Goldberg, the moderator and veteran host, get kicked off the show. Well, folks, hold on to your coffee mugs, because that’s exactly what happened, and the catalyst was none other than the much-debated ‘Barbie’ movie.
Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this absurdly hilarious sequence of events that could rival the satirical standards of any late-night comedy show.Whoopi, in her typically bold style, decided to use her platform to champion the beleaguered, ‘woke’ Barbie film that’s been making waves for all the wrong reasons. Despite its dismal performance at the box office and Elon Musk’s call for boycott, Whoopi attempted to rally behind the movie, applauding its audacity to break traditional norms and espouse themes of self-discovery and empowerment.Now, had she stopped there, she might have gotten away with just a few raised eyebrows and some exasperated sighs from her co-hosts. But no! Whoopi, in her unwavering enthusiasm, decided to go full throttle, urging the audience and her fellow panelists to give the film a chance, to look beyond the criticism, and to embrace the ‘woke’ narrative that the movie was trying to push. It was Whoopi being Whoopi, undeterred and passionate.However, this time her outspokenness proved to be her undoing. The panelists’ faces transformed from shock to disbelief, and within moments, a decision was made. A commercial break was hastily announced and when the broadcast resumed, the viewers, along with the live audience, were met with an unthinkable sight – Whoopi’s chair was empty. She had been promptly dismissed from her own show, all because of her defense of the ‘Barbie’ movie!
It was a spectacle unlike any other. Meghan McCain was rendered speechless, an occurrence as rare as a total solar eclipse. Joy Behar wore an expression of incredulous amusement, while Sunny Hostin had the ‘I-can’t-believe-what-just-happened’ look. As for Sara Haines, she looked like she wished she could disappear into the upholstery of her chair.

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