CNN’s Cooper Leaves His Show Abruptly After Revealing Life Changing News

CNN’s Cooper Leaves His Show Abruptly After Revealing Life Changing News

CNN primetime host Anderson Cooper appears to be one of the only people on the network in recent times to not be involved in a scandal.

The host left his own show after the first segment and after announcing life-changing news. That news was the birth of his new baby son named Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper, with his former partner Benjamin Maisani.

“There’s a lot to get to tonight. But I wanted to start off with some good news, which also happens to be very personal news,” the host said to start the show. “In April 2020, in the early dark days of the pandemic, you may recall I announced the birth of my son, Wyatt. These are the pictures I showed of Wyatt then, taken just days after he was born.”

“Well, this is Wyatt today. He is nearly 22 months old, and he is sweet and funny and the greatest joy in my life. If he looks particularly happy in this picture, it’s because he now has a baby brother. His name is Sebastian, and I would like you to meet him,” he said before showing photos of his new baby.

“This is Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper. He was 6.8 pounds at birth and he is healthy and happy. Even his occasional hiccups are to me adorable,” he said as he showed a video of the baby hiccupping which was, as advertised, adorable.

He said that his former partner was his best friend and is working on adopting Sebastian so that both of his kids will share the same last name.

“We want to thank the amazing doctors and nurses who helped bring Sebastian into the world, and most of all, I thank the surrogate who carried Sebastian and gave birth to him. The sacrifices she and her family — her entire family made — and the love that they gave Sebastian this past year has been extraordinary,” the host said.

“We’ll never forget the kindness and all of her and her family and all surrogates who helped bring new life and new love into the world,” he said.

“When I announced Wyatt’s birth, I said that I like to imagine my mom and dad and brother, all of whom are no longer alive, with their arms around each other, smiling and joyful at his birth.

Cooper’s dad was Wyatt Emory Cooper, a screenwriter and author who was married to his mom, heiress and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt.

“We must wish for each other love and laughter, good thoughts and happy days. We must go rejoicing in the blessings of this world, chief of which is the mystery, the magic, the majesty and the miracle of life,” he said before introducing John Berman to host the show as he said he would be taking the rest of the week off to play with his kids.

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