Rescued Labrador Helped Raise 7 Kittens Left Motherless

Rescued Labrador Helped Raise 7 Kittens Left Motherless

Rachel, a nurse who lives in the UK with her one-year-old Labrador puppy named Bertie, had no idea what would happen to her rescued dog. The dog understands that all animals in need deserve to have a home since he once needed one and received one, so he helps to care for them.

The woman learnt about seven orphaned two-week-old kittens in need of a temporary home and offered to assist them.

According to the Battersea Animal Shelter, the kittens were discovered abandoned and motherless on the side of a road.

Seeing the kittens plight, the person decided to take them to the shelter so that they might receive the medical treatment they required.

When they arrived at the shelter, local vets confirmed that they were healthy and fed them to satisfy their hunger.

Because the kittens were still extremely small, they needed to locate a foster family that could care for them 24 hours a day. Without hesitation, Nurse Rachel agreed to care for the babies until they were old enough to stay at the shelter.

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