My dad is in the photo cutting my mom’s grass. Their divorce lasted for 28 years.

My dad is mowing my mom’s yard in this picture. Their divorce lasted for 28 years. My stepdad commutes from out of town, and my mom has poor knees. “Why is your dad mowing your mom’s lawn?” my younger siblings questioned.

Because she needed assistance, and he knew she couldn’t come out here to provide it, so he did, I explained to them. Co-parenting is this.

This illustrates how fortunate I am to have four parents who respect one another and understand that, in the end, the only thing that matters is teaching your kids—even those who are 32 years old—how to treat people and how to love your family, regardless of how it was put together.

My dad is touched by how many people have seen this, to edit. He wants everyone to know that “I’m no saint,” and that instead we should all choose compassion anytime we can, rather than acting like an angelic priest during Lent.

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