The Young Heroes: 12 Kids and a Dog Recognized for Their Crime-Busting Deeds

Any kid can be a hero, and that’s exactly what a group of “human arrow” kids did when they led the police to some robbers during an incredible adventure!

These teens, known as the “Tremendous Twelve” on the internet, skillfully directed a police helicopter to two burglary suspects trying to get away. Just like characters from an Enid Blyton story, they had their trusty Yorkshire terrier, Molly, with them.

On Sunday, the children shared their amazing experience with The Mail. One of them said, “We feel really proud – it was awesome.” The group, ages six to twelve, was in a field in Capel, Surrey, having an Easter egg hunt when they saw the helicopter circling above them.

“It was really noisy, and we could see it said ‘police’ on the bottom,” recalled a nine-year-old girl. Then they saw a man running across the edge of the field, taking off his jumper and wrapping it around his head.

They were trying to scream at the pilot,” the girl continued. But despite their loud shouts, the helicopter wasn’t turning toward the man.

“Let’s get into an arrow,” one of the kids suggested.

So, two of her friends and she got down on the ground to form an arrow pointing towards where the man was running.

The kids lay in the mud for about a minute before the helicopter finally noticed them and turned in the right direction. Their quick thinking and teamwork helped the police catch the suspects.

Reflecting on the adventure, the children were thrilled with what they had done. “It was an amazing feeling to know we helped the police,” one of them said.

This incredible story shows that anyone, no matter how young, can make a big difference and be a hero!

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