I Was Upset That My Grandfather Only Left Me an Old Apiary until I Looked into the Beehives — Story of the Day

My late Grandpa, the man who spun tales of buried treasure and promised me the world, had left me with the biggest letdown: a dusty, old apiary. Who leaves their grandchild an insect-infested shack? This cruel joke of an inheritance was a slap in the face until the day I peered into the beehives.

It was a regular morning. Aunt Daphne peered over her glasses at the mess on my bed. “Robyn, have you packed your bag yet?”

I’m texting Chloe,” I groaned, hiding my phone.

“It’s almost bus time! Get ready!” Aunt Daphne said, stuffing books into my bag.

I saw the time. 7:58 A.M. “Ugh, fine,” I sighed, getting up from the bed.

She held out a shirt for me, ironed and ready. “This isn’t what your Grandpa hoped for you, you know. He believed you’d be strong, independent. And those beehives he left? They’re not going to tend to themselves.”

recalled the times with Grandpa, the honey, the bees. But now, my mind was on the upcoming school dance and my crush, Scott.

“I’ll check them, maybe tomorrow,” I said, fixing my hair.

“Tomorrow never comes for you. Grandpa believed in you, Robyn. He wanted you to take care of the apiary,” she insisted.

“Look, Aunt Daphne,” I said sharply. “I’ve got better things to do than take care of Grandpa’s bees!”

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