A nasty Karen slams a note down on the table when the family is eating dinner with the baby.

One of the things we anticipate from children is that there may occasionally be some noise. In fact, there are situations when it might be challenging to keep children silent.

Mothers are one group of people who know this all too well. When the youngster is a bit noisy, they might even go above and above to make sure that nobody else is disturbed.

This was the case with Katie Leach, a mother. She posted on Facebook about how she had to make sure her 10-month-old would feel comfortable in the setting, thus her eating choices frequently focused around her child.

They recently decided to eat at a Texas Roadhouse as it was rated as one of the noisiest restaurants by Consumer Reports.

The restaurant claimed to be proud of its boisterousness, so Katie thought this would be a great idea. They disassembled and packed everything in order to have a bite to eat.

Sometimes, while they were singing Happy Birthday over supper, the infant would just want to join in, so they would become loud. When someone drew close, the infant would likewise cry out, but they would soon calm him down.

But then two individuals who had been seated behind the table approached and slapped a note down before they left, ruining the supper. β€œThank you for ruining our dinner with your screaming kid,” the message added. The table behind you, sincerely.

Katie was shocked to learn this, and the message raised concerns even at Texas Roadhouse. When they saw it, they welcomed them back and paid for the meal for the entire table.

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