Today, a much-loved celebrity passed away.

Brian Chira, a TikTok player, passed away lately, which devastated his 317,000 followers.

What is known about the Kenyan celebrity whose amusing and enjoyable films were well-known?

His career began when one of his films, “witness,” went viral and displayed his vivacious attitude.

According to a The City Celeb story, Brian may earn $722 with each live TikTok.

In addition, he gained notoriety by disclosing his HIV status.

“How I got HIV is still a story I get difficulties talking about; in fact, this is an exclusive you’re getting,” K24 TV questioned him.

He described how, like everyone else, he took a bus to arrive to the posh party in Mombasa after receiving an invitation.

He said that he arrived early and needed to find somewhere to hang out before the festivities started.

But turmoil is nothing new to the celebrity either. He got into a brawl when someone accused him of making disparaging remarks against well-known TikTok user Azziad Nasenya.

Brian Chira is now where?
After being struck by a car that didn’t stop, Brien Chira passed away.

About three in the morning, according to the police, an accident occurred on Kiambu County’s Ndenderu-Ruaka Road.

The deceased will undergo an autopsy as part of the inquiry into what transpired.

They will also visit locations that Chira visited

before to the accident.

Police are also investigating allegations that Chira was intoxicated at the time of the Gacharage area accident.

Pius Mwanthi, the chief of police for Kiambaa sub-county, stated that they had yet to locate the truck they believe struck Chira.

The accident happened at night, and the car that caused it is currently being sought after.” He declared, “They haven’t been apprehended yet.”

He said a crew would examine security footage on the road and close to the incident in an effort to identify the canter.

He believed that in order to aid in the inquiry, the one who carried out this action need to also come forward and disclose it.

When Chira’s friend drove him home on a motorcycle, it was awful.

To identify him, a handful of his friends and family members went to the morgue.

The actor reportedly had severe injuries to his head.

In order for his burial, the family has asked those who are close to them to assist in raising funds.

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