ICON DEAD. With heavy hearts, we announce the passing

Martin Mull, a well-known comedian and actor, passed away at the age of 80, his family has confirmed.

Mull’s daughter Maggie says her father passed away at home “after a valiant fight against a long illness.” This was posted by Maggie on Instagram.

“He was renowned for his exceptional abilities in all creative fields and for his work on Red Roof Inn advertisements,” the author stated.

He would find that joke funny.” He always had a sense of humor. Many people adored my dad: his wife and daughter, his friends and colleagues, other performers, comedians, and artists, and most importantly, a huge number of dogs. I cherished him dearly.

Mull’s most well-known roles were likely in the comedy of the same name, when he played Roseanne Connor’s friend Leon Carp and Sabrina the Teenage Witch principal Willard Kraft.

He also portrayed Arrested Development’s private eye Gene Parmesean.

In 2016, Mull received a single Emmy nomination for his Veep character Bob Bradley.

Among the numerous roles Mull performed in his career was co-writing, alongside Fred Willard, the mockumentary The History of White People in America in 1985.

He was a comedy and songwriting enthusiast. Country music icon Jane Morgan parodied A Boy Named Sue in his song A Girl Named Johnny Cash, which was released in the early 1970s.

The song was number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs list for five weeks.

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