Uncovered My Mother-in-Law’s Secret with a DNA Test for My Baby

Uncovered My Mother-in-Law’s Secret with a DNA Test for My Baby

Accusing someone of cheating is a big deal and can damage trust in a relationship. A woman was accused of cheating because her baby had unusual eye color. But when she did a DNA test to prove she was faithful, she discovered something surprising.

A Redditor shared how she unearthed a family secret from the past.

I’m a 25-year-old mom, and my baby girl was born two months ago. Even though my husband, who’s 28, trusts me and believes I’d never cheat, I wanted to do a paternity test for our daughter. Why? Well, she has green eyes, which is unusual because neither my husband nor I, nor anyone in our families, has green eyes. My husband thought it might be some odd genetic thing, but I wanted to do the test just to make sure he’s okay.

He kept saying no because he trusts me, but his mom and other family members kept making comments about our daughter’s eyes, hinting that I might have cheated. Even my family found it strange. Finally, I had enough of their comments and told my husband I wanted the test.

He agreed just to calm me down, and turns out, our daughter is his. But there’s a twist: my father-in-law isn’t my husband’s real dad. They’ve been married for years, so we never thought my mother-in-law cheated. My husband wants to confront her, but I think we need to think about it first.

We’re both tired from taking care of the baby, and finding out this news was shocking. We even did two tests, one for paternity and one for ancestry, to see if there was a relative we didn’t know about who might explain our daughter’s eye color.

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